Personal Insurance

We offer a variety of personal insurance products to protect all your life’s valuables.


Homeowners insurance offers protection from losses and damages to an individual’s private residence and its contents. These policies usually cover interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage to personal belongings/assets and any injury that may occur while on the property. A homeowner’s policy also offers liability insurance for accidents that may happen on the covered property.

The cost of the homeowner’s policy depends on what the cost would be to replace the home and damages. This does not mean that there is a limitless amount the insurance will pay. Every policy has a liability limit which only allows a certain amount for payout if a misfortunate event were to occurs. There are always exclusions to policies depending on your geographic locations and what naturally occurring disasters may be prone to your area. For those situations, additional coverage can usually be added on to existing policies.

Tip: A Homeowner’s policy does not include Flood Insurance. 

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Renters insurance is like Homeowners in that your personal effects will be covered in the event of a fire, theft, or damage. However, there is no coverage for the dwelling or structure of your rental. The owner of the building is responsible for having insurance for the building but has no responsibility for the tenant’s belongings.

Most medium to large sized rental properties requires tenants to have rental insurance as a condition for leasing. Renter’s Insurance policies usually have three different types of coverage available to those in need. Those three are loss of use, personal property, and personal liability.

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A Condominium policy works like a regular homeowner’s policy, meaning it will cover the interior of the unit and personal property inside. However, these policies are specifically designed for condo or co-op owners.

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Flood insurance is exactly that, insurance against any damages that can be caused to your property both structural and personal belongings from flooding. However, since this is usually a geographical concern, some areas require you to have additional flood insurance in order to secure mortgage loans.

Tip: flooding can occur due to natural disasters. For example, a hurricane can cause so much damage which is usually covered under a homeowner’s policy, but it would not cover the flooding that can be caused by the hurricane. If your home is not in a flood zone, the insurance premium is generally low allowing an extra sense of security.

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Auto insurance is designed to cover property and physical damage which may be the cause of an accident.

There are many different types of coverages available to you, including property, liability, and medical. Property covers damages or theft of your vehicle. Liability coverage aids in protection your legal responsibility to others for any harm or damage. Medical coverage pays for the costs for treating and follow-up care for any bodily injuries, sometimes even for lost wages or funeral expenses.

Insurance premiums for auto policies depend on a variety of factors such as; type of covered vehicle, age and gender of drivers, the drivers driving history, and the primary location of driving that will be done by the driver.

Most states mandate a minimum coverage for auto insurance prior to being able to operate the vehicle. Not having insurance can have an impact on your future as a driver as well as monetary fines.

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An umbrella liability policy is designed to offer extended protection over your home, auto, or other property. This policy can be helpful in situations where your primary insurance policy is expended.

Tip: This type of coverage can be beneficial to those who have a great deal of assets or expensive assets and are at considerable risk of being sued.

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Boat & Yacht

Most companies will provide coverage for canoes and small sail boats under a homeowners or rents insurance policy; however, it is limited to the amount of coverage. Larger and or personal water crafts require a separate boat policy. The size, type of watercraft, and water in which you use the watercraft in determines the premium cost.

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Valuable Items

Homeowners Insurance offers coverage for a variety of your possessions however, there is limited coverage for items such as stones falling out of jewelry or damage to a collect-able item.  Valuable items coverage covers valuables such as jewelry, artwork, or collect-able items in excess to homeowner’s policy coverage.

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